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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Spend Your Weekends at the Assisted Living Center

Looking for somewhere to spend your weekends in Norman, OK? Rambling Oaks Assisted Living Center could be the place for you. Whether it be with a large group or just you and your family, the assisted living center welcomes volunteers of all ages and groups.
Volunteers come to the home to perform a number of activities, including socializing with the residents, helping with maintenance or decorating during the holidays.
OU student and member of Delta Gamma sorority, Christina Hanvey said, "Me and my sorority sisters love going to Rambling Oaks. I don't really feel like I'm volunteering when I go there."
Hanvey coordinated various activity nights at the home, including two bingo nights with the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity. Hanvey said they played with dimes and the residents got really competitive.
"I spent my Thursday evening at an assisted living center, but it wasn't what I expected. The residents are a hoot."
Another OU student, Paige Marley, said she went to the home with a couple of friends on a Sunday afternoon.
"We just washed windows, and then had lunch with the seniors. It was nice talking to them and hearing all their stories."
The home is a place for seniors to live, yet they can receive support and assistance when needed. The staff appreciate the volunteers and the help they offer.
For more information on how to get involved at Rambling Oaks, you can visit the home's website at ramblingoaks.com, or call them at 405-360-4755.


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Nice story and nice SOP type photo. Try next time, though, to get people in your shot. Here is works because the story is about the center. Also, watch out for possible unintended meanings. May be it is because I am looking for a hotel room right now, but it seemed to be a story about unexpected places that rent out rooms. ;-) set up what your story is from the beginning.

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